MONO SOUND MACHINE is a recording studio located in Mexico City, specialized in Music and Sound Design, our services include Original Music, Licensing, as well as Voice Over casting and recording. It was founded by Igor Figueroa.
Igor Figueroa was born and raised in Morelia, Mexico. He studied Recording Arts in North Hollywood, California. There he began collaborating, composing and recording music as a member of the local LA scene.
Upon his return to Mexico he started working in Sound Design and mixing. In a couple years he became one of the most sought after audio designers and engineer in advertising, working primarily for agencies in the United States.
After years of collaborating with numerous recording and post production studios, he opened his own space: Mono Sound Machine. A studio designed for him to create, produce and collaborate in Music, Cinema and Sound Design.
Along with advertising work, he also co-created the Music Supervision Agency, IAMUSIC; and has worked on clearance, music supervision and licensing for movies, advertising campaigns and TV shows. This has created for him an intimate relationship with the music scene and has allowed him to be constantly involved with the creative and business side of the music industry.
Igor is also one of the partners that founded Discos Mono in Mexico City, a vinyl only record store that is constantly on the lists of best record stores in the world.
Igor is a passionate perfectionist. He knows that every situation requires the perfect sound and the right music.